4/29 Let's experience vegetable harvesting in Nagai, Yokosuka City!

· ブロ雅農園,農業体験

April 29, 2021 (Thursday / holiday)
Let's experience vegetable harvesting at BuroMasa Farm in Nagai, Yokosuka City!

Although there are restrictions on what we can do due to the influence of corona, we planned to harvest seasonal Japanese vegetables under the sky that feels early summer!
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・ I want to harvest delicious vegetables with my own hands
・ I want to use natural energy for power
・ I want to hear a fun story from BuroMasa Farm etc...
The host at BuroMasa Farm, has a background as a former agricultural high school teacher.
They grow more than 100 kinds of vegetables a year, some of which are rarely on the market.
Aiming to use no pesticides during cultivation, plenty of high-grade organic fertilizer is used in the soil.
BuroMasa Farm's specialty vegetables have a strong taste and are very sweet, so fans are expanding nationwide.
[Corona measures]
・ Limit the number of participants, keep the distance between participants, and carry out outdoor experiences
・ Alcohol disinfection at reception / Temperature measurement with a non-contact thermometer
・ Participants wear masks to participate
[Date and time]
April 29, 2021 (Thursday / holiday) 9: 50-11: 30
4-chome Nagai, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
BuroMasa Farm (5-minute walk from Soleil Hill)
* Please use a nearby parking lot. (Soleil Hill parking lot, nearby coin parking, etc.)
[Meeting time / place]
9:50 Near the bicycle parking lot at Soleil Hill Daiichi Parking Lot
* The landmark of the meeting place is the Shitekobe staff with a banner.
We will guide you to the site.
[Flow of experience on the day]
10: 00- Lecture on vegetable types and harvesting method from BuroMasa Farm
10: 30- Seasonal vegetable harvest experience and international exchange activities
Let's enjoy the harvest experience while doing activities!
* The type of vegetables for the harvest experience is determined by the growth condition up to the day.
11: 30- Agricultural experience will end
[Plan / Price (tax included)]
◆ One family: 4,000 yen
* There is a specified amount of vegetables per family.
Even if you have a large family, please harvest within that amount.
◆ Clothes that can get dirty, boots or shoes that can get dirty
◆ Drink
◆ Mask (Please wear it as a measure against corona)
◆ Gunte
[important point]
◆ In case of stormy weather, we will contact you the day before to cancel.
◆ Those with children please keep an eye on them when harvesting to avoid accidents or injuries.
◆ On the day of the event, we plan to shoot the experience scenery for the purpose of PR.
Please note that the photographed content will be posted on the information dissemination of Shitekobe.
*If this is an inconvenience, please tell the staff on the day.
Also, please complete the questionnaire for future experience planning.


・ 自分の手で美味しい野菜を収穫したい
・ 子供に日本の旬の野菜を収穫させてあげたい
・ 自然のエネルギーでパワーチャージしたい
・ 野菜がどのように畑で育っているのか知りたい
・ ブロ雅農園さんの楽しい話を聞きたい
・ 他のファミリーと交流してみたい etc…
9:50 ソレイユの丘第一駐車場の自転車置き場付近
10:00- ブロ雅農園さんより野菜の種類、収穫方法のレクチャー
10:30- 旬野菜の収穫体験+国際交流アクティビティ
11:30- 農業体験終了予定
 最小:5組 最大:10組




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